Works in progress photo taken by Kelsey

Works in progress photo taken by Kelsey

I am often intrigued by projects or topics of conversation that happen at knitting group each week, and after talking about it for a couple of weeks, Beka kicked off a "show notes" posting on Ravelry last week.  I enjoyed being able to look up more information so much that I thought we should definitely keep it going, so here you have the show notes from January 18, 2016.

First up, On the Needles:  We had a new member join us last night, Andrya (Andy), who is working on the Gansey Stitch Socks, which is the black and white project shown above.  Kourtney is the knitter behind the pink project, which is a Passerine Hat.  Rachel is working on the second sleeve of her purple Bray sweater.  Kelsey is knitting and knitting on her dark gray 001 pullover.  Beka has the cream colored aran sweater on her needles, which is from Debbie Bliss' Classic Knits for Kids.  My project is the light gray cabled pullover, which is an original design that I am preparing to publish.  

Next, we announced (very, very early) plans for a Christmas Sock Knit-Along.  It would be such fun for us all to have a pair of Christmas themed socks to wear, or perhaps a new stocking to be filled.  There will be more on this later, but we did talk about the Fireside Stocking as a fun stocking pattern.  

Let's see here, next up, we chatted for a short time about the bit of church controversy that has been happening within the Anglican communion over the past couple of weeks.  If you are interested in knowing more, here is a blog post that Megan wrote on the topic:  (For those that may read this and not be familiar with the group, this group isn't intended to be religious, though many members have religious beliefs and convictions.  Our goal is to be inclusive and respectful of all.)

Several of us have read or seen this article on a married couple where both women were pregnant at the same time.  If you haven't read it, it is a unique and interesting look at pregnancy and its challenges.

Conversation, as it so often does, meandered around and we somehow wound up discussing Channing Tatum and his Lip Sync battle performance of Let it Go.  We think Jenna Dewan-Tatum won, but you can decide on that for yourself.

More conversation meandering led us to Kourtney's recent Disney World trip, and we discussed that Studio 360 had an American Icons episode about the Disney Parks:  

Finally, nail polish recommendations: Kelsey's beautiful manicure was Essie's Smoking' Hot.  Another excellent color mentioned was After School Boy Blazer.  

Until next week. . .