diVerge Try-It-On Event

As I was preparing this pattern for publication, I had a feeling that this was the sort of sweater that would really flatter a lot of different women, so I partnered with The Studio Knitting and Needlepoint and we held a try-it-on event where a number of women came out and tried on diVerge, filled out a short survey and let me take a snapshot or two of them in the sweater, in exchange for a copy of the final pattern. 

We had two sweaters available, both knit in Anzula Cricket, one in Seafoam and the other in Navy.  The Seafoam sweater is a 33 inch/84cm, while the Navy version is 49 inches/124.5cm.  I thought we'd be able to accommodate women whose full bust measurement was anywhere from 29 inches/73.5cm to 38 inches/96.5cm with the Seafoam sweater, and 45 inches/114.5cm to 57 inches/145cm with the Navy version. 

Before we get to the photos, I should mention that I managed to make it to the event without the solid colored camisoles that I had bought for underneath the sweaters, so these women are wearing whatever they happened to be wearing that day.  Any oddities are definitely not a reflection of their fashion sense, but are solely a result of my forgetfulness.

We'll start with the Seafoam sweater, which was tried on by Jill, Kathleen, Lynn, and Kelsey.

In photos 1 & 2 above Lynn, who normally would choose to make a 38-40 inch/96.5-101.5cm sweater really liked the way diVerge fit her body in this size, though she would raise the neckline if she were to make this for herself, at least in part because she wouldn't want to wear a layer underneath a pullover sweater.  In photos 3&5, Kelsey, who would normally wear a size 34 inch/86.5cm sweater, but often goes for 4 or more inches of positive ease also thinks she would raise the v-neck shaping for her preference, but is otherwise happy with the fit.  In photo 4, Jill, who typically would wear this size was happy with the fit, except for at the shoulders, where she felt that her shoulder width was not flattered by the drop shoulder fit.  Last, but certainly not least, Kathleen who wears this sweater with about 1.5 inches/4cm of negative ease was also pleased with the fit for her body, though she would have preferred a little bit more room in the hips.

For the Navy sweater, Gwen, Theresa, Judy, Rita, Connie and Kelsey tried on the sweater.  I should mention that after seeing these women and the way the v-neck fit them, I have raised the neckline up by about 2 inches/5cm on the larger sizes of the sweater, so the fit will be slightly different than shown here.

In photo 1, Judy who normally chooses a large or XL size felt like this sweater was a bit big for her at 4 inches/10cm of positive ease, but that the next size down would probably work out well, though she would alter the sleeve length.  Theresa in photo 2 normally wears one size down from this, or a 45 inch sweater, and she felt this sweater could fit her better at the bust, but that overall it was a pretty good fit.  Kelsey, who tried on both sweaters, but prefers a much roomier fit, actually really liked the larger version, though I would try to convince her to choose a size somewhere in the middle of the two shown here.  Those pictured in photos 4, 5, and 6 all expressed similar feelings about the sweater fit, basically that the v-neck depth could be raised a bit, and the length may work better if it were a bit shorter overall.    

I hope this helps you to see how diVerge could work for you, and clarifies a bit about how the sweater will look with both positive and negative ease.