This Kid Can KNIT

I have been hoping for several years now that Ethan, my almost seven year old son, would decide that he would want to learn to knit, and the day finally came!


Despite my hopes and wishes, I decided to just keep knitting in front of him, supply him with plenty of beautifully knit items, and wait until he approached me.  Every once in a while, I would mention that if a child can read, they can probably also learn to knit, and he has considered himself an excellent reader for about a year now (and he is an excellent reader).  I was hoping that the thought of knitting was rattling around in his head, just waiting for an opportunity.  

So, on March 18, 2015, we were on our return trip home from Pennsylvania (more on the trip later), he asked me to teach him to knit.  We were in an airplane, flying somewhere over the southeast United States, and I had two projects in my purse.  One was a fingering weight Brioche shawl, and the other was a fingering weight Hitchhiker.  I don't believe that putting off the knitting urge is a good idea, so I let him have a go at the Hitchhiker shawl. I let him work his knit stitches after I had completed the first few stitches of a row and knit until the last few stitches, where there is another little bit of more complicated knitting.  (Not really complicated, but not first hour knitting for a not-quite seven year old.)

He took to it like a champ.  I heard him say things like, "This knitting is really fun!" He also declared that he "wouldn't have to be bored again."  

I mentioned that when we were home, I would get him out some more appropriate (solid, light color and slightly heavier weight) yarn, and his own needles from my stash, so that he could practice some more.  He didn't think that would work.  He actually decided that a proper knitter needed to have their own tools, fresh from an LYS.  I pondered that thought, and decided that he was probably right.  New needles and yarn you chose yourself would probably make him a happier knitter, and happier knitters keep knitting, so, off we go to the yarn shop.

Score another one for Team Knit, and another mighty participant in the Kansas City Knitting Revolution!