The Week in Review (February 9-15, 2015)

I sat down to write this post yesterday, but couldn't quite concentrate.  Before editing and child distraction methods were employed, the photos above looked a bit like this:

The school district made this a five day weekend, and Ethan has been hanging out with me since about 3:00 Wednesday afternoon.  For a couple of years now, he has been dodging the camera nearly every time I try to take his picture, so most pictures look like he is on the run.  I start a blog and want to take a few nice photos, and he is suddenly interested in being photographed again.  He goes back to school tomorrow, but until then, my brain power is sort of divided, and my camera is put away..  

This week in my Year of Making included finally blocking my Millisande,  working on a new sweater design, and baking a Lemon, Almond, Ricotta cake and a pan of Cream Cheese Brownies.

Since you are likely here for the knitting, I'll start there.  My Millisande is worked in Anzula Oasis, and I really couldn't be happier with it.  I was slightly off on the gauge, made some changes to the neckline depth, and wound up with a sweater that I love to wear.  I think this yarn combines two great fibers (silk and camel) in a beautiful blend that takes dye in an interesting way, is comfortably warm, without being too warm, and I really like the cables and seed stitch in this yarn.  I am hoping for a few modeled photos, and will post them as soon as I have something worth sharing.  

The unnamed for now sweater design is also worked in a yarn from Anzula: their Cricket, a DK weight Merino, cashmere, nylon blend.  This is my first sweater design, and I challenged myself to sketch, swatch, and then at least start to write out the pattern before I cast on.  I have written the pattern to the neckline shaping, and I am hoping to have a finished draft pattern by the time I have a finished sample.  Then it will be off to the tech editor, and out to testers for a Fall release.  I've managed to nearly complete the neckline shaping and started to shape the armhole, so I have some pattern writing catch up to do, but that will wait until Ethan returns to school and the house is quiet again.  

Moving right along to the baking!  The Lemon Almond Ricotta Cake is one I make for breakfast.  We try to keep to a gluten free diet, at least at home, and this cake is one of the better, not too sweet options that I have discovered for an on the run breakfast.  (None of us have Celiac's disease, so please don't assume that all recipes I link to are safe.)  Somehow the protein in the cake keeps me full for a while, much longer than other sugar-y pastries would.  I make the cake pretty much as it states in the recipe, except this time I had five Meyer lemons that were looking a little sad, so I zested them all, and put it in the batter.  I also decided to use my springform pan to allow the cake to rise a little higher, and added about 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder to help that along a bit.  

Finally, the Cream Cheese Brownies that Ethan and I made on Saturday.  Sometimes I like the noise of the television when I am working around the house, so when Ethan is home, the Food Network is always a safe option.  Ethan tends to be a worrier, so I make sure that news, or dramas with intense topics are never on when his ears could be listening.  Well, he was inspired by the Kids Baking Championship, and asked if he could learn to bake.  I am always open to him being in the kitchen learning with me, so we decided to make his dad's favorite dessert, in honor of Valentine's Day.  Ethan had a little lesson in measuring ingredients, fractions, and the art of the double boiler.  His level of interest wained a bit before they were in the oven, but it rose again when they were cooled and ready to eat.  I had never made brownies from scratch before, and these turned out really nice.  

That pretty much wraps up last week around here.  The plans are a little fuzzy for this week, but there will be more making, I am certain.