Getting Started

I suppose that mid-February is as good a time as any to get a start on one of my 2015 goals: to start a knitting design related blog.  So, here you have it: the start of  

I've never blogged before, but I always feel like I have more to say about my designs than can reasonably fit on the pattern pages or in the Ravelry notes, so that information will be presented here, for those who want to learn a little more about each design before casting on.  I'll also have an opportunity to share design schematics, extra sizing information, and yarn notes for new patterns.  

Speaking of new patterns and goals for 2015, I think sharing those would give a little information about where this blog is going and what you can expect to find here.  I've decided that 2015 is a year of making for me.  I was inspired by Miriam Felton in 2014, and decided to embark on my own journey.  Part of my making for the year includes designing my first collection of sweaters, designed with the curvier woman in mind (more on this as we go).  I also feel like this Year of Making is a great opportunity to strive for a healthier version of myself, and to focus on making do, mending, repairing, and spending less time thinking about what I want to buy next.  

So, with that said, until I have new information to share about the previously mentioned sweater designs, I will be doing a weekly wrap up in my Year of Making journey each week; I will also be going back to previously released patterns and featuring them here, answering some of the frequently asked questions, sharing additional photos, and highlighting amazing knitter projects.  

If you have found this page, please know that as you poke around the site, that it is still under construction.  I will be updating the pages with knitting related photos and more information in the next couple of days.