Pattern Suggestions: Indie Design Gift-A-Long

This year for the Gift-A-Long, a lovely group of participating designers created a bundle of both the sale patterns and all patterns from participating designers.  One wonderful thing about this is that it allows you to search either list and see what items you've favorited, queued, or even made in the past.  You can also use all of the other amazing Ravelry search parameters and find new to you patterns that fit your needs.

I went through the sale patterns and discovered that there were a number of patterns on sale that I had favorited, queued or had made in the past.  Since I have made some of these items, I thought I would draw your attention to those patterns today.

First up is a pattern I completed for this year's Gift-A-Long, the Braided Headband from Four Easy Headbands by Yuliya Tkacheva.  

I mentioned this pattern in my previous post, but I cannot stress enough that you do not need to be a proficient crocheter to make these lovely headbands.  They really are simple, the pattern is clear, with lots of photos, and the results are very pretty, and quite quick to complete.  

During the 2014 gift-a-long, I did quite a few hats, and all of those patterns were very well written and produced cherished gifts.  My 3 nieces each received Tindrer hats by Knottygnome Crafts, and each member of my little family had new Tidepool Hats by Sharon Fuller to enjoy.  

I also worked on a Pixelated Hat by Jennifer Beaumont last year, and I think I may try to do the Pixelated Mitts this year, to have a set.  

Finally, I would love to bring your attention to a designer that is new to the Gift-A-Long this year, Lynn Di Cristina.  Lynn designed a pattern that I made a couple of years ago, called Contravene.  Contravene is a simple pattern that uses alternating Stockinette Stitch and lace panels of varying widths to create a cowl or infinity scarf.  Even though it is a simple pattern, I learned a new to me i-cord edging technique that prevents the stockinette stitch from curling.  I don't know about you, but I love it when I can learn something new in a pattern, and I feel it is a bonus to learn it from a pattern that has been deemed simple.  

Lynn has re-worked the Contravene  pattern a bit since I made my version, adding more sizing information and showing it off in a multicolored version that I think adds a lot to the design.  She also has a lot of other beautiful accessory patterns that hit the sweet spot of interesting to knit plus great to wear.

Contravene collage.jpg

Do you have favorite designers that are involved in the Gift-A-Long this year?  Have you found a new designer that you are excited about?